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Travis Morrow

Travis has volunteered as a Director of the Arizona Self Storage Association and in 2014 was elected President of the Association. He has also volunteered as a Director fo the Nevada Self Storage Association and was President of the association from 2010-2013.

During his time as President, Travis was responsible for passing two modernization bills through the Nevada Legislature benefitting the self storage industry in Nevada. He testified in front of both the House and Assembly Judicial Committees during the passage of each bill. In addition, Travis was elected and currently sits as the Director of the nationwide Self Storage Association (SSA). Both organizations' missions are to provide education to the industry on best practices and to promote ethical business.

In 2013, Travis founded the Young Leaders Group within the SSA. Their goal is to educate and promote networking amoung self storage professionals under the age of 40 and build lasting relationships throughout their careers in the industry.