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  • About Ms. Tarango:

    Hola! Welcome back to AJHS. For those who don’t know me I’m Ms. Tarango and I will be your Spanish teacher this year; and for those that DO know me, I’m your teacher AGAIN.

    I am first generation Mexican-American and proud to say that Spanish was my first language because it gave me the opportunity to be bilingual and this has opened a lot of doors for me. I was born and raised in California but since my parents’ work required them to move back and forth to Arizona, I had the opportunity to live in both states each year. I guess I can say that I am from both California and Arizona.

    I graduated from high school in California in 2001 (yes, that long ago!!!) and went to community college in California right after because I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do. I graduated with my Associates Degree in 2003 and started at ASU in the fall of 2004 (Go Sundevils!!!). After two more years at ASU, I graduated with a Bachelor in Spanish and started working as a Conversational Spanish for Seniors (older people, not high school seniors…). I then decided I wanted a Master’s Degree and returned to ASU. In the meantime I worked as a substitute teacher and once I graduated with my Master’s in Education, I started working here at AJHS!

    Welcome Statement

    I would like to welcome you to Spanish Class. I am Ms. Tarango and I am one of the Spanish 1 teachers and the Spanish 2 teacher  as well as the Teacher of Record for the Online Spanish Courses here at Apache Junction High School. I am excited about beginning this school year and working once again with you.

    Throughout these courses, we will take a trip around Latin America without leaving the classroom. We will learn the Spanish language as well as the culture. 

    I hope you are as excited about this school year as I am. Get ready to learn!


    You may contact me via e-mail or leave a message on my extension:
    Extension: 5285