Mountain Heights Academy          The Early Learning Center

     Painting Grass painting painting2

    LEO Club Members Alysa Rippee and Vanessa Silbar create grassy accents on the TLC Building.

    Things are shaping up at the TLC mural. Check back to see how the painting is progressing!

    The Learning Center serves students from preschool through 8th grade in a variety of programs. The program instructors strive not only to model positive behaviors for our students, but also to build productive relationships with our students.The goal of every TLC program is to ensure that each student has the guidance and assistance needed to overcome obstacles while they endeavor to reach the high academic expectations of TLC.
    Many of the educational opportunities available to TLC students either meet or exceed those offered in traditional school settings. Due to the low teacher-to-student ratio, students attending TLC have the opportunity to work in small classroom environments and experience individualized teaching based on their needs. This differentiated instruction option allows for students to study and grow at their own pace based on their own style of learning.
    TLC is focused on discovering each student’s talents, strengths, and abilities while helping them develop the social and behavioral skills they need to be successful. This attention and emphasis provides the opportunity for students to succeed once they are on their home school campus.