Appropriate Clothing For School


    All students are expected to wear clothing that is appropriate for school and the weather conditions.  Clothing that distracts students, disrupts the education process, or poses a health or safety threat to anyone is not acceptable in our school.

    Parents and students are encouraged to review and adhere to the following standards:

    -  No bellies, cleavage or bottoms showing

    -  No see-through clothing

    -  No undergarments showing (boys or girls)

    -  No halters or tube tops

    -  No shorts or skirts that are too short for school

    -  Students know what “too short for school” means.  If you are unsure, don’t wear the outfit.

    -  No clothing with alcohol, drug, violent or sexual connotations

    -  No clothing with derogatory language or pictures

    -  No hats in classrooms

     If you are in doubt as you look in the mirror, CHANGE THE OUTFIT!