Social Media and Digital Footprint

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    Love (of technology) by Matthew G
    For better or for worse, social media is how people are connecting with one another. And each
    connection that is made, whether it is a text, photos, videos, tweets, comments, blogs, or online
    purchases we are leaving a mark that cannot be erased.

    Let’s prepare our students to leave digital footprints that are healthy, positive, and inspiring.


    For younger elementary:



    For older elementary:



    For junior high & high school:

    Get the conversation going with your student:

    • How would you explain digital footprints to others?

    • How would you describe YOUR digital footprint?

    • Which social media sites are you using? What privacy settings do you have in place?

    • Is there anything that you wouldn’t want an adult to be informed of?

    • What steps can you take to help others with their digital footprint?

    • What kinds of things are you posting online?

    Parent Resource:

    Parent Guides to cyberbullying, snapchat, instagram, etc by Connect Safely