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    Welcome to the Apache Junction Unified School District's Purchasing Department. Through the use of our links we hope to provide you with the answers you seek and the business you want! If you are interested in providing services/commodities to the District, registering as a vendor is the first step.

    Mission Statement:

    To provide a higher level of Procurement and Material Distribution Services, to build stronger relationships and encourage rigorous buying practices that guarantee quality products at the right time, for the right price in accordance with all laws. To see every purchase as an opportunity to provide our students with 21st Century tools and relevant classroom material.


    All members of the Department will comply with all legal obligations and treat all customers with the respect and courtesy that they are due.

    Vendor Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q. What does the AJUSD buy & how does my company get involved?

    A. Generally the Apache Junction Unified School District (AJUSD) buys anything that can be used to support classrooms and the facilities those classrooms are located.

    Registration is the first step required for all vendors interested in offering any service or supply to the District.

    To register go to go to http://www.azpurchasing.org

    Once there, each vendor will select and maintain the categories that best reflect what is being marketed to the school district and they will always be able to update their address information. All solicitations will be electronically submitted.

    Q. What are AJUSD’s Quote and Bid Requirements?

    A. The following requirements apply to all procurement of materials, services, and construction.

    If a purchase order will be for less than $10,000, a single firm price quote is normally required. When appropriate, catalog prices may be used for these purchases.
    • For a purchase of at least $10,000, but less than $50,000 three quotes.
    • For a purchase of at least $50,000 but less than $100,000 three written quotes.
    • For a purchase of at least $100,000 a solicitation.
    • Emergency and Sole Source purchases may result in exceptions to these rules.

    Q. How does the Apache Junction School District solicit, award, and issue contracts?

    A. AJUSD awards its procurement contracts to vendors that provide good value, service, and reliability. The method for determining the vendor varies by procurement type.

    If the competitive sealed bid or proposal process is used, notices are set to every vendor on the appropriate bidders list. These invitations and requests normally contain all the information needed to make a responsive bid or offer.

    Q. How is payment made?

    A. A vendor is paid by check when the AJUSD Accounts Payable Department has a valid purchase order, a proper vendor invoice and a proper Apache Junction School District receiving document. Generally, payment cannot be made until goods or services are received, however, exceptions are made.

    Purchase Order number must be on the vendor invoice to receive payment.