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    Course NameHealth and Wellness


    Teacher Name:  Mr. Edmond Matlosz (BS/MA) University of New Mexico, Western New Mexico University.  (Physical Education, Political Science, History, Special Education)

    Teacher Contact Information:   Room 188.   982-1110 Ext. 5239  ,Mr. Matlosz Teacher Web site


    Instructional MaterialsCurrent Events Wellness Pathways To Excellence , Basic Health Presentations and Projects.  Standard Deviants Health and Human Anatomy (To help understand the body and the nature of exercise and disease),  True Colors Personality Test, Human Nutrition and youtube video related sites.


    Course Materials: Notebook, pen, colored pencils, computer and YOURSELF ready to learn.


    Course Description: Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth. "...a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."


    Course Learning Target/Competencies/Standards: (From Arizona Standards)


    • STRAND 1: Comprehension of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Concepts 
    • STRAND 2: Analysis of Factors Affecting Health Behaviors 
    • STRAND 3: Access to Health Information, Products, and Services to Enhance Health 
    • STRAND 4: Use of Interpersonal Communication Skills to Enhance Health 
    • STRAND 5: Use of Decision-Making Skills to Enhance Health  
    • STRAND 6: Use of Goal-Setting Skills to Enhance Health 
    • STRAND 7: Ability to Practice Health-Enhancing Behaviors 
    • STRAND 8: Ability to Advocate for Health


    Health Education provides students with opportunities to acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for making health-promoting decisions, achieving health literacy, adopting health-enhancing behaviors, and promoting the health of others. Comprehensive school health education includes courses of study (curricula) for students in Pre-K through grade 12 that address a variety of topics such as alcohol and other drug use and abuse, healthy eating/nutrition, mental and emotional health, personal health and wellness, 

    physical activity, safety and injury prevention, sexual health (STD’s), tobacco use, and violence prevention. 

    Course Expectations: Daily work:  Current events, Pathways to Excellence activities,  Notes, drawings, Web Site Creation, Homework:  Whatever is not completed in class is considered homework.  Study for tests. Major Assignments:  Current Events due Fridays, Unit Packets/Notes, Labs, Quizlet vocabulary review, Quiz and Unit Tests and Final WebSite.

    Break-down of category weights:  Daily Work and Formatives:  15 %. Labs/Projects: 30%, Quiz/Unit Test 40 %, Final Exam:  15%

    Grading System:


    Letter Grade



    90 - 100




    80 - 89

    B-Above Average



    70 - 79




    60 - 69

    D-Below Average



    0 - 59





    Policy on late work, make-ups, redo or retakes and missing test or quizzes.  Late work will be one day per day missed for excused absences  There is a 30% late fee for any assignment turned in after the due date for each unit.  Make up tests must be done with the instructor. Some tests will have two attempts based on average score or high score.  Missing work will be scored a 0 in the grade book until it is made up. NOTE--It is the Student’s responsibility to get all make up work.  Each student will need to get a google classroom code and schoology code.


    Classroom Management Plan & Expectations:  

    Procedures:  We will go over classroom expectations and classroom procedures in class.  A summary of major points: 1. Cell Phones---Off and Away. 2. Chromebook Charged and with student daily.  3. Log into Schoology for daily update. 4. Current event. 5. Lesson, Lab or Test, Mr. Matlosz talks no others talk unless you are presenting.  No talking during tests, library voice when working with partners or groups. 6. No food or drinks in Classroom (water is ok). 7. Chromebooks at 45 degrees when needed.    8. Health and Wellness work only. 9. Clean up work areas before I dismiss you. 10. Come ready to work and learn bell to bell. Note: Restroom passes are for emergency only and you must leave your cell phone.   Cheating will result in a “0” for the assignment, that includes copying from the internet. Please remove your hats in the classroom. Consequences: 1.  Warning for all but cell phones.  2. Classroom Discipline. 3. Parent meeting, 4.  Sent to Administration.



    Movie/Film Policy: We will watch unit based movies to apply the theme.   We will also watch movies for Inspirational themes to go along with our wellness concept.  Videos include :  Hoosiers, Remember the Titans, Blue Crush, Gangs of NM and Los Angles (PBS but mature situations gang activity).  By signing below you consent to the videos of the class including the current events wellness, youtube health, Pathways to Excellence, and multiple DVD and VCR health and wellness.


    Other: Each Student will have a Google Classroom account and Schoology ( account where we have folders of each unit with unit tests online.  You may request a parent code for Schoology. Note-It is the parent’s and student’s job to monitor the grades and make sure all work has been completed by using the Grade Book log in.   

    Please sign below indicating that you have read and understand the expectations, content and policies for Health and Wellness.  


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