Frequently Asked Questions


    Who is GPPCS/SAVE? 


    GPPCS and SAVE are both Purchasing Consortiums that are comprised from the Cooperative Purchase Agreements that each public member entity has signed in order to participate in the various cooperative contracts.


    What is a GPPCS/SAVE Contract?  


    In reality, there is no such thing as a GPPCS or SAVE contract.  Rather, participating member’s, often referred to as “lead entities” issue and award contracts as a result of Invitations for Bids (IFB’s) and Request for Proposals (RFP’s) that include cooperative purchasing language.  GPPCS and SAVE do not issue IFB’s or RFP’s or award contracts, nor do they endorse any contract that may contain cooperative language.  If you are looking for a GPPCS or SAVE contract, the question you first need to answer is which “lead entity” awarded the contract.


    Vendors who have been awarded contracts with GPPCS or SAVE cooperative language should be aware that each potential participating member entity reserves the right to perform a separate “due diligence” review to ensure the resultant award complies with that entities procurement rules and regulations.   To help facilitate a member’s due diligence review, vendors should be able to readily identify the lead entity that awarded the contract, rather than use the blanket statement of “I was awarded a GPPCS/SAVE contract”.

    Is there a GPPCS/SAVE Vendor List? 

    No. All bids issued on behalf of the GPPCS/SAVE are issued by a lead District(s); therefore no vendor listing is maintained by the GPPCS/SAVE.

    Then how can a vendor be selected for bids? 

    Vendors must contact each school district, city or county individually to obtain a copy of their vendor registration packet. GPPCS school sites can be reached here, or by going to http://www.mpsaz.org/purchasing/swvendreglinks where many Arizona school districts, cities and counties including all members of SAVE/GPPCS are listed or by going to http://www.ade.az.gov/schools/schools/districts.asp where many Arizona School district main webpages are listed.

    Unfortunately, there is currently no website where all schools, cities, counties and public entities links are listed.  However, a complete listing of GPPCS members can be found at /files/filesystem/Web_Member_Listing_%2008_12_10.xls and an agency listing of SAVE members can be found at http://www.maricopa.gov/Materials/SAVE/save-members.pdf .

    Note:  Currently all members of GPPCS are also members of SAVE.

    What is AZPurchasing?

    AZPurchasing www.azpurchasing.org is the latest tool designed by Arizona School District Procurement Officials, specifically by Larry Weeks. Arizona Purchasing is a website dedicated to Arizona school districts for the purposes of developing a central and statewide prospective bidder’s list, posting solicitations and requests for quotations online and to more effectively disseminate solicitation information to the vendor and educational buyer communities. The mission of Arizona Purchasing is to provide Arizona school districts with web based tools to more efficiently manage prospective bidders and solicitations whereby providing effective communication to the vendor community.

    The counties Arizona Purchasing covers are: Apache, Cochise, Coconino, Gila, Graham, Greenlee, LaPaz, Maricopa, Mohave, Navajo, Pima, Pinal, Santa Cruz, Yavapai and Yuma.
    Can Vendors attend the monthly meetings? Top

    Monthly meetings are open to all current and potential member districts only. On occasion the GPPCS members may request that a vendor/supplier conduct a presentation on items or services in which the majority of the members are interested.

    How do I become a member? Top

    In accordance with the Arizona Administrative Code R7-2-1191 through R7-2-1195, a school district may either participate in, sponsor, conduct, or administer a cooperative purchasing agreement (CPA) for the procurement of any materials, services, or construction with one or more public procurement units in accordance with an agreement entered into between the participants.

    Once your governing board has approved the CPA, send the original to the President of the Consortium, (A copy of the CPA can be printed from the home page). After the agreement has been signed, it will be registered with either the Secretary of State or the County Recorder.

    What are the requirements for becoming a member?

    The only requirements for membership in the Consortium is that the member district sign a Cooperative Purchasing Agreement and issue at least one bid on behalf of the Consortium annually.

    May a
    Charter School become a member? Top

    Charter schools that are subject to the procurement rules as prescribed in A.A.C. R7-2-1001 et seq., the "School District Procurement Code," may become members of the GPPCS. Charter schools that are exempt from the Code by the State Board of Charter Schools, while not full members, may participate in and use GPPCS contracts at the discretion of the consortium as other public entities.

    Once a member, when will my district be eligible to participate and benefit from the current and upcoming contracts? Top

    Once both parties have signed the CPA, the member district may participate in the contracts that are open to all members. There are some contracts, (i.e. the Milk and Paper Bid that required a commitment from a district prior to issuing the solicitation) that will only be available for use by specified districts.

    Who do I contact with questions? Top

    President of the GPPCS, will be happy to answer your questions.