Title One Classroom News

  • Title One Reading students will be working on improving the following skills while in group ---  fluency, comprehension, and learning strategies that would be helpful to decode unfamiliar words.  We are working with several programs titled:   Power Readers, Super Charged Readers, Success For All (SFA), REWARDS, and Successful Reader. 

    Keep an eye out at the beginning of each month for our monthly newsletter.  This is a great newsletter that has helpful tips to be used at home to help practice improving reading skills.

    As stated above, here are skills we are working on in our Title One groups:

    1)   Sight Word Recognition
    2)   Decoding Skills  
    3)   Fluency and Comprehension 
    4)   Cause and Effect, Compare and Contrast, Main Idea and Details, and Clarifying Strategies
    To help practice these skills, students should be reading at least 30 minutes per night. Research shows that students who read and/or are read to, learn to read more easily and become better readers, along with developing a much broader vocabulary.  Literacy skills provide the basis for a lifetime of learning and productivity.