Title I

  • Title I Mission Statement: Fostering a love of reading and math; helping students become independent, lifelong, readers and encouraging students to persevere in becoming successful mathematicians.

    The acting Title I Program aims to ensure that each student reaches his/her potential in reading and math. Through collaboration with teachers, students, parents and families, and administration, those students needing extra assistance are given the opportunity to build necessary skills in reading and math and help students become successful lifelong learners. Title I provides support by:

    1. acting as a resource for teachers, students and families
    2. offering additional reading and math support to enhance students' learning in the classroom, and
    3. provide positive literacy and math learning opportunities at home as well as school.

    Join us as we work together to help every student reach his/her potential by checking out the resources and information below.


    Desert Vista Title I Program
    Mrs. Hinton (reading), Mrs. Leonescu (reading) 
    Four Peaks Title I Program
    Mr. Graham (reading), Mrs. Shirley (reading)
    Peralta Trail Title I Program
    Mrs. Falconburg (reading), Mrs. Lara (reading)
    Cactus Canyon Jr. High Title I Program
    Mrs. Smith (reading), Mrs. Jada (math 7th)
    For Teachers:
    RtI Website- Support and Strategies (login to Google Apps required)