Apache Junction USD Wall of Fame - Honoring Notable Alumni of AJUSD


    Welcome to the Apache Junction Unified School District's Wall of Fame celebrating the many alumni of our District who have made notable contributions to society and who have been successful in their careers. 

    AJHS alumni have gone on to attend top colleges like Notre Dame, Harvard, New York University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as our local universities and colleges. 

    And many of our grads have achieved their dreams. They are doctors, lawyers, teachers, coaches, pilots, tv directors, and commanders in the armed services. Many have returned to the Apache Junction/Gold Canyon area to raise their families and to be a part of the community that supported and believed in them. Others have moved to places both large and small, around the nation and around the world.

    AJUSD is small enough that kids don't get lost in the system; small enough that they can be involved in many sports, clubs, and activities if they so desire; small enough to receive the assistance they need to learn and grow to their fullest potential; and small enough to be noticed when they excel. AJUSD is small enough that students can form the habit of success.

    We are proud of our district, and we are proud of these alumni who have allowed us to share their accomplishments on the AJUSD Wall of Fame.


    Accepted applicants will be recognized by having their framed photos line the walls at Apache Junction High School. This permanent display will also serve to remind current students that what we offer here at AJUSD will provide the tools they need to fulfill their lifelong dreams and aspirations. 

    Our Alumni live all around the world. There is no requirement for inductees to live in the area, or even to be present to be honored. We just want to know where they are, their professional successes, and what kind of contributions they have made to their community.

    You can nominate yourself or someone else. We want to show the students, the community, and the world why we're so proud of our alumni!

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