TLC Childcare

  •  TLC Childcare
    Serving all Parenting-Teens, Staff and Family Members
    (For ages 6 weeks to 5 years) 

    The Young Parents Program is located on the Transitional Learning Community campus and provides a supportive environment for pregnant and parenting teenagers to continue to take high school courses to earn credit towards attaining their diplomas.

    A learning center for the children of young parents enrolled in this program serves three distinct age groups: Infants, Toddlers, and Intermediate/Preschool. To supplement parent interaction, children benefit from professional educators assisting in the child's physical and academic development. The three separate learning areas include:

    • A nursery that provides and encourages a child driven learning environment for infants.
    • Toddlers are housed in a jungle themed environment which promotes fine motor skills, cognitive, language and literacy development. 
    • Preschool age children have a separate activity area where children engage in their own learning activities.
    Donations: The Young Parents Program is in desperate need of donations to support our program. Raising funds is a top priority. Wish list items include:  disposable diapers; baby wipes; baby soap, cream, and lotion; paper towels and tissues; cleaning supplies; indoor playground equipment; non-perishable baby foods; baby formula.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.