DVES Lunch Guidelines

  • DVES Lunch Guidelines

    • Any sports balls that students bring from home are to be labeled with the student’s name. They are not to be playing with them until they get to recess.
    • No toys are allowed at lunch or recess.
    • Students are to get the lunch tray and immediately go take a seat.
    • Students are to sit where directed and stay in that seat. No one should leave the table without permission.
    • Students are not allowed to save seats.
    • Hats are to be off during lunch.
    • Students are not to take any of the extra food from the bucket until they have finished eating everything on their tray.  After getting permission, the student may take one item.  
    • Students are allowed to go to the restroom one at a time with permission.
    • Any students throwing food will clean up the mess and receive a walking ticket.
    • Students must keep hands and feet off other people.
    • No food or drink leaves the lunch area.
    • Students will line up as directed and a staff member will walk them to recess.
    • Students who are dismissed after the larger group has left are to walk to recess.
    • If students run to get in line or are running to recess, they will need to go back and walk.
    • At the end of recess time, the adult in charge will blow a whistle and the students will line up by class.