Hello, Homework!

  • Your student will be assigned 30-40 minutes of work every night except weekends. Students are to work on their homework assignments every night... You should check the classrooms calendar to see the spelling/homework assigned for the week (some weeks do not have homework due to shortened weeks or benchmark testing). Each night your child will have the following for homework.

    Reading Fluency: Each week your child will be given a reading fluency passage that they must read each night. Your child will be required to document how many words per minute they are able to read accurately. Throughout the week you should see your child improve on words per minute (WMP). 

    Math Practice: Each week your child will be given a set of math tasks. Each night they will complete a section of the assignment.  

    Spelling: Spelling practice will be completed within the classroom and at home. 

    Reading Log: Everyday your child should be attempting to read at least (minimum)15 pages each night. After they have read they will document their reading in a reading log. Students will be required to bring to class a parent signature indicating they read that night. This will be the only homework assignment that can blend into the weekend.


    Incomplete classwork: This should not be everyday. If students do not complete their classwork in time they will be expected to take it home to complete in time for the next day.