4th Grade Basics

  • I am thrilled to have both you and your child in my classroom this year. The beginning of school is one of my favorite times of the year. I absolutely love my job, and with your help at home, I will do everything I can to make sure your child has a wonderful fourth grade year. With some hard work (and some fun) we will learn so much together!!



    Store bought treats are welcomed. Please send in a note the day before if you are planning on sending something. Also, please make sure there are enough for all students. Throughout the year our numbers tend to fluctuate, so if you could please try and contact me ahead of time I can let you know how many students we have at the moment.  If the treat needs napkins or anything else, please remember to send it in. We have peanut allergies in the room, so please no peanut related items. Thank you for keeping our room a safe place for everyone. 



    Water bottles with lids are encouraged. Students should not be drinking anything in the classroom except water. (If students choose to put holes on the top of their water bottles they will be thrown away. Energy drinks can be very harmful and students who choose to bring any to school will have them thrown away.)


    P.E. Deja Vu: 

    P.E. is typcially seen every other day. This means that your child will need to wear tennis shoes to school and bring a water bottle to drink from. Be sure to check the weekly newsletters to see what day your child has P.E. that week.



    This will be used school-wide for behavior in and out of class. In a nut shell, if students have received a warning and/or have done something that a teacher on staff or duty feels needs some redirection, then that student will walk during recess. They will be given a "Walking Ticket" by the teacher or staff member that sees that action and then they will walk during recess to reflect on their choices. The student will then have to give that back and get it signed by the person who was on duty and observed the students walking during recess. The idea again here is to give the students some time to clear their heads, think about the choices they made and walk and get exercise at the same time.



    Our district policy is that students will accquire the following letter grade along with their percentage grade:

    A= 90-100

    B= 80-89

    C= 70-79

    D= 60-69

    F= Below 60%