The Apache Junction Performing Arts Center is closed due to a state wide school district shutdown in preventive measures of the COVID-19 outbreak. All events between March 16th to March 27th are cancelled. Future events are tentatively postponed until the shutdown is lifted.


    Question: If a show were to cancel, will the Apache Junction Performing Arts Center refund my money?

    Answer: The tribute concert series are rented out events by two production companies. TAD Management (877-526-0069) and Showtune Productions (480-98-04487) are the companies you will need to talk to.


    Question: What is the Apache Junction Performing Arts Center doing to minimize the spread of this disease?

    Answer: After every event in the performing arts center it is cleaned, disinfected and sanitized for the next event. Bathrooms are cleaned routinely and door knobs are wiped down as well. For extra precautions, each and every seat in the house is wiped down with lysol wipes-all 640 seats.




    If you have any other questions please feel free to contact the venue at 480-982-1110 x.2250.

    Updated on Sunday, March 15th, 2020