• Grading / Point Distribution:

    Grades will be calculated using total points as outlined below.

    10 %    Homework

    70 %    Tests and Quizzes  (Formative, Summative, and Benchmark)

    20 %    Final Exam**

    **The cumulative final exam will account for 20 % of a student’s overall term grade



    With rare exception, assignments will be given on a daily basis.  When there is time remaining in the period (after the lesson is completed) that time will be given to begin the assignment so that any confusion/misunderstanding can be taken care of before the class is over.  Again with rare exception, assignments will be due the following period. Late assignments will not be accepted for credit, but should nevertheless be completed because the assignment is for practice. Please be advised that the work leading to an answer is just as important as the answer. Therefore, ALWAYS SHOW YOUR WORK.





    We will test frequently throughout the school year on various standards and collections of standards. We will utilize short formative assessments to target very specific concepts as well as larger summative and benchmark tests to analyze our competency in multiple areas.  The use of phones during tests is forbidden and therefore need to be put away during testing-violations may result in a zero for that test.



    Chromebook Expectations:

    • Chromebooks should be brought to class and charged daily
    • Forgetting or not having your chromebook charged will result in a zero for the day's activities






    • Respect others, the instructor and yourself.
    • No food or drink allowed in class except water (all food must be disposed of before entering the class).
    • All item (jackets, backpacks, purses, etc), besides those necessary for the class, will be placed on the floor out of the way. Desks need to be clear of everything but what is needed for class.
    • No cell phones (for any reason), I-pods, MP3 players or other audio devices allowed except when designated by the teacher.
    • Always be in your seat when the bell rings at the beginning and before it rings at the end of class. No one will be released unless everyone is seated.
    • If there is a Mindset on the board, begin working as soon as possible.
    • Realize that it is YOUR education. It is YOUR GPA.  It is YOUR (or perhaps your parents’) money that you may have to spend for remedial classes in college, if required.  It is YOUR future.  Take it seriously.


    Tips for Success:

    • Be attentive in class, take good notes and review them as you work through your homework and prepare for assessments. Doing so will help you develop confidence, independence, organization, and other skills you will need to do well in AP Calculus, college, and life.
    • Do your homework every day. Math is not a spectator sport. Approach your homework actively, and re-do problems that you have trouble with.
    • Don’t view the assignments as just something that needs to be done and gotten out of the way. Instead, use the assignments as a way of checking yourself to see if you know how to do that particular type of problem and as a way of getting practice.



    Any homework/assignment(s) missed due to an EXCUSED absence should be made up promptly upon your return to school. It is your responsibility to complete makeup assignments and bring them in on time to ensure appropriate credit is given.

    • All homework should be neat, completed in pencil.
    • Assignments will be posted on the calendar on the class website. Handouts will be uploaded to my website, or our Google Classroom whenever possible.
    • Homework missed due to an UNEXCUSED absence will not always be available and may be marked as a ZERO



    Arrive on time, and be in your seat when class begins.