Welcome to Miss Campbell's Website!

  • I am an avid reader and enjoy helping my students learn to fall in love with reading. My favorite
    book series is Harry Potter! It is magical, courageous, and I love the adventure!
    I am the sponsor for Peralta Trail Elementary School's Art Club! The Artists of The Superstions group recently
    donated $500 worth of art supplies to support my art program this year and I am over the moon about the
    opportunities this has opened up for the artist in art club as well as the artist in my classroom! 
    Before moving to Arizona in 2016, I taught Elementary Art in Fort Collins, Colorado for 3 years. 
    Art is definitly a passion that I often implimant in to my lessons for all subjects.
    I have two dogs! Drake is a 9 year old Emotional Support animal that I sometimes will bring in to 
    school! He is very calm and sweet! His demeanor has helped many people overcome their fear of dogs
    and he has helped relieve stress from difficult situations for students. My other pup is Casey.
    He was rescued last summer and he is the sweetest addition to my family.  
    I love to spend my free time hiking, cooking, and watching St. Louis Blues hockey! 

    Classroom Library


    4th Grade Teacher