• DVES Playground Guidelines

    • Students are to go down the slide one at a time with both legs inside the slide going feet first.  Climbing up the slide is not permitted.
    • Sand and rocks stay on the ground.
    • Students are to keep their hands and feet to themselves.  When playing football, two hand touch is all that is allowed.  Students who do not play two hand touch will be asked to stop playing for the remainder of the recess time.
    • Gum, food and drinks other than water are not allowed.
    • Students are to leave unsafe items such as hard balls, bats, etc. at home.
    • No toys are to be brought to school with the exception of a ball with the student’s name on it.
    • No electronics are allowed on the playground.  
    • Basketballs, tether balls, and volleyballs are not to be kicked.  
    • Students are not allowed to leave the playground area without permission.
    • Students will return equipment to its proper place when recess is over and line up immediately when the whistle blows.  
    • Play stops when recess is over.
    • Students must sit on the seat of the swing, swing straight, and not jump off.



    Consequences for not following playground guidelines

    1st) Warning (verbal)

    2nd) Time out/Sit out/Walking Ticket

    3rd) Referral to office/Phone call home