• Every student starts each quarter with 100 points. Several factors will influence their grade:

    1. All students are required to wear proper footwear during P.E. Class. This would include tennis shoes that tie. Tennis shoes without a back,  and tennis shoes with roller skates are not acceptable. Boots and sandals will not be acceptable either. Shoe laces must be tied not stuffed inside the shoe.  Failure to wear proper shoes will result in a loss of 2 points per incident per quarter.

    2. All students are required to participate in each activity unless excused by a doctor, school nurse, or parent. If a student chooses not to participate in the daily activity they will loose 5 points per day that they choose not to participate.

    3.Good behavior is essential in Physical Education class for the safety of the students and his/her classmates.If a student is asked by the teacher to sit out of class due to a behavior problem the student will loose 5 points per incident.

    4. If at anytime a teacher observes a student out of line during class whether it be lack of participation, poor attitude, or any other inappropriate conduct the student will loose 2 points depending on the degree of the incident.

    5. Severe disruption during class or behavior resulting in a referral to the office will result in 10 points off of the student's grade for the quarter.